Rock On Adventure Classes:

·         Prices are for a month of classes typically 4 classes in a month.

·         Prices include free membership access 11:30 to 7:30 daily unless noted on the home page.

·         Prices have already been adjusted to reflect holiday’s and vacation times. 2 classes have already been discounted off of the cost for every 12 classes.

·         Class session typically run January to March, April to Jun and September to December.

·         Class enrolment is open ended meaning you can drop out any time and cancel your payment plan. All plans will be prorated if you’re dropping out mid-month. 


All Levels Flow:

Link breath with movement, flow through yoga poses and enjoy the meditation in motion attained with this beautiful practice.  In Yoga you will move dynamically through a sequence of postures warming up the body improving strength, balance and flexibility.  This class is open to all levels. These classes will have poses that will help to improve rock climbing skills in balance and stabilityl

Yoga Fundamentals:

Are you new to yoga or do you want to improve your practice?  This class will bring the basics of Yoga moving at a slower pace and discovering the beauty of the flow.  Learn foundation poses and sequences joined together with the breath to find meditation in your practice.


Yoga benefits the body, mind and spirit.  Yoga postures will re-energize your body and when synchronized with breath, relaxes your mind and helps to release blockages of energy flow throughout your body.  Together, breath and movement will bring about a sense of well being.