Staffing Rules:

  • The time near your name is the start time. Click on the tab week to see your full shift start to end for each day.
  • ? need to be covered so please txt Isaac at 781 929 6194 if you want a shift.
  • If you take a time spot you must work it!!! If you cant work it find a replacement and txt me and update the calendar.  If I cant count on you than don't count on me giving you hours if multiple people request the same shift...
  • If you want a regular schedule than talk to me and let me know your availability. If you are working a regular schedule you must still find a replacement if you suddenly need find that you are busy.
  • If you no show, are late or call out more than 3 times a month I will than notify you that going forwards your hourly wage will be reduced .50. Minimum wag is $9 which no one makes that works at Rock On.