Special Events Bookings

All of our amazing programs are 2 hours long and $15 per person if held at Rock On Adventure. If we need to travel to your location we can still do it for the same great price though it would only be for an hour. We can provide transportation for up to 14 participants and we are also able to mix and match these program to create a wonderful experience. Special Events are program and courses we offer to PTO's, schools, scouts, camps and other groups.  These events are typically booked for weekdays and don't need a refreshment room unless indicated. Please call or email for weekend bookings.


Physical Activities:

·         Aerial Performing Arts (Age 7+)

·         Indoor & Outdoor Rock Climbing

·         Ninja Warrior Course

·         Yoga Program

·         Pre School Gymnastics Program (Age 7 and under)


Cognitive Activities:

·         Outdoor Survival Course

·         Radio Controlled Car Applied Science Program

·         Drama Program