Rock Climbing 

Beginner 1 Rock Climbing - Ages 6 – 10yrs - Basic equipment & climbing knowledge. 

Beginner 2 Rock Climbing - Ages 8 - 12yrs - Those that have the basic knowledge and can climb multiple ruts to the top of the walls.

Intermediate Rock Climbing 8 - 18yrs - More than just a class. Please read below...

A rock climbing class, structured beginner to intermediate level for those who want to learn the basic skills and new techniques, focusing on safety and trying to get more confident with themselves.

Students will be introduced to basic climbing, bouldering, and belaying techniques. They will also learn climbing terminology and the use of gear. A strong focus on safety rules and the mastery of two basic and very important knots. Students will build upper body strength and increase coordination as they are encouraged to climb to the peak of the rock wall.

Kids will learn:

  • How to static climb

  • Body positioning in relation to the wall

  • Balance and coordination in movement

  • They will gain Strength and endurance


Rock Climbing - Team / Club

An advanced group of  students who want to practice more advanced climbs skills along with the added competition of the sport.  Classes are twice a week and competitions are on the weekends. The climbing team will hold one practice at Rock On Adventure on Mondays and Thursdays they will be heading to Central Rock Gym. This is great opportunity if your looking for something fun and exciting to do!

Students will improve and learn:

  • Ascending and Repelling

  • How to self belay with a grigri

  • How to perform a climbing wall rescue

Class Info & Plans

  • No Cancellation Fees!

  • We prorate so you only pay for the classes you use!

  • Payments are monthly auto reoccurring from check out date!

  • 1 hour classes other than club which is 2 hours

Payment Plans

  • 1 Class a week - $100 a month

  • 70% Off All Other Classes!

If you don't see a day and time that work for your check the class options to the right! If you need us to create a class for your and your friends just let us know by emailing!!!