Introductory Class

This 4 class program hits the cornerstones of training safely, and effectively. These are drop in classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday @ 4:30-5PM for $15

Each new student to the gym or program will need to complete:

  • Safety Skills

  • Vaulting

  • Walls

  • Trampoline

Please Email to setup a intro class.

Beginner 1

This is the entry level parkour classes (after introductory is completed) designed to create a solid foundation of all fundamental parkour skills. Each student will learn the names, and proper techniques for beginner level maneuvers. Skills covered include all basic vaults, precision technique, wall climbs, cat leaps, an introduction to flips, and much more.

Mon, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday @ 5-6:00PM

  • Develop Mastery of Fundamental Techniques.

  • Strengthen Mind and Body through Parkour Challenges and Conditioning.

  • Learn Basic Acrobatic Skills (Rolling, Cartwheels, Spins)

Beginner 2

This class builds upon the skills attained in Beginner level 1 and Begins to push physical limits and mental boundaries. In this class students will begin to use hard surfaced obstacles effective for real life scenarios. Students will expand their knowledge of vaulting, climbing, landing, basic bar skills and flipping.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6-7:00PM

  • Expand upon Fundamentals in both Power and Technique.

  • Strengthen Mind and Body through Parkour Challenges and Conditioning.

  • Expand Basic Acrobatics (Dive Roll,Trampoline Skills,Handsprings).


Tuesday, Friday, 7-8PM

The highest level of parkour classes, pushes students past their limits. In order to enter this class students must be hand picked by the coaches, not for just skill level, but by the determination they have to improve. The focus of this class is on combining all areas of parkour, along with a heavy focus on flips.

  • Learn first stages of Advanced Parkour Concepts.

  • Expand Acrobatic Vocabulary (Front/Back/Side Flip).

  • Strengthen Mind and Body through Parkour Challenges and Conditioning.

Class Info & Plans

  • No Cancellation Fees!

  • We prorate so you only pay for the classes you use!

  • Payments are monthly auto reoccurring from check out date!

  • 1 hour classes other than club which is 2 hours

Payment Plans

  • 1 Class a week - $120 a month

  • 70% Off All Other Classes

If you don't see a day and time that work for your check the class options to the right! If you need us to create a class for your and your friends just let us know by emailing!!!