Class Info & Descriptions

Pre Rock Climbing - Ages 4 – 6, 1 hour duration

This class is a climbing and multi sports class. For the first half hour the kids will be engaged in skills and activities designed to help their body coordination in sports. The other half of the class will be a rock climbing program, using games and adventure activities.  Students will be become familiar with gear and "lingo" along with the very basic techniques of climbing and bouldering. 

Kids will learn:

·         Different climbing hand holds

·         How to static climb

·         Body positioning in relation to the wall

·          Strength and endurance


Pre Kids Ninja Warrior - Ages 3 – 6, 1 hour duration

This class is a fun adventure program that encompasses team building, games, obsticale course, climbing all in one! Children will strengthen not only their body’s but their minds as well. We use fun games and activities for all levels to allow them to challenge themselves at their own pace.

·         Kids will practice:

·         Communication

·         Basic climbing skills

·         They will gain Strength and endurance

Class Info & Plans

  • No Cancellation Fees!

  • We prorate so you only pay for the classes you use!

  • Payments are monthly auto reoccurring from check out date!

  • 1 hour classes other than club which is 2 hours

Payment Plans

  • 1 Class a week - $80 a month

If you don't see a day and time that work for your check the class options to the right! If you need us to create a class for your and your friends just let us know by emailing!!!