We are happy to announce that Genevieve will be joining us at Rock On Adventure. The aerial program will be going over a makeover and will start to include Spanish Web, Static Trapeze and Acrobalance and much more.

Aerial Clinics - ages 6+  $45 Saturdays 

Come explore the sky step by step, in a variety of classes tailored to the abilities of each student. Our new roster of classes takes you all the way from basic skills to advanced stunts and performance techniques. Hone your skills now and be ready for our advanced performance classes in the fall!

When: Saturday by Registration only 

Ages: 7 to 14 - 11pm to 3pm (performance 2:45pm)

Ages: 15+ 4pm to 8:30 (performance 8pm)

Register by Email: Staff@rockonadventure.com