Drop & Shop

Do you have a million things to do before the holidays and have no idea how you will ever get them all done? Leave the children with us for 3 hours! You can shop, clean, cook, or even take a nap (we won't tell anyone!).

How about date night (or whatever you call it in your house) helps keep couples happy, and reminds kids that mommy and daddy really do have lives of their own. Unfortunately, it's a pretty pricey proposition once you tally up drinks, dinner, an activity and, of course, the sitter—who sometimes costs more than the meal!

Just think of the possibilities; enjoy a night out, moms plan a girls night out or shopping day, dads enjoy a sporting event, get some errands done or just stay home and relax….YOU DESERVE IT!

Sure, every once in a while you can swap kid-watching duties with another mom, but in the meantime, the cost of a night out scares many couples into settling for the couch, Netflix and a bottle of Chardonnay.

But date night doesn't have to be that way!!!!

Rock on Adventure offers safe, supervised drop-off care for kids for less than your average sitter. Better still: Not only do you get some adult time, or last minute shopping or cooking, while your kids get to enjoy a night out with their peers, too.

Parents, this is your opportunity to get a few more items crossed off your to-do list!  Sign up now for one of our Drop & Shops!!  Do some shopping, schedule a meeting, or get together with some other moms for coffee while your children enjoy their time with our experienced and caring staff in a fun, safe, and clean gym.  We will help them burn off all that extra energy for a couple of hours!

These events sell out extremely fast! Please call 978-835-2609 or register online at www.rockonadventure.com