Jump Start is a program designed for the active and adventurist school aged child that is curious about adventure, learning and sports.

Times / Days:

9 am - 12 pm M,W,F

1 pm - 4 pm M,W

Ages potty trained 3- Kindergarten


Jump Start will explore and create new adventures by engaging in structured games and activities along with independent play.  Our environment is one where your child will build up self-confidence, independence, inner strength, motor and social skills with encouragement, repetition and praise. 


·         15 min Free play

·         15 min warm up stretch/game

·         30-45 min Structured Class (bouldering / rock-climbing)

·         15 min Snack Break (2:30 snacks are not provided)

·         30 - 45 min Multi Sport (Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, ect...)

·         30 min (Tumbling, Gymnastics & Parkour)

·         15 min Free play / Creative Play

·         15 min Cool down / Skill Re cap


Times and activities will vary depending on the day



What to bring:

Plenty of water and snacks

Extra set of clothes

Indoor shoes (shoes that have never been outside)


Please give a curtsy call if your child is going to be late or absent