Aerial Silks

Welcome to your new adult Aerial program! Aerial silks is an exciting art and performance form most notably seen in Cirque du Soleil. It combines fitness, strength, agility and balance with an addition of adrenaline of flight. At Rock On Adventure, you will learn how to move your body through space in ways you never imagined while developing core strength and flexibility. Come see what everyone is talking about at Rock On Adventure.

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Rock Climbing

Beginner to intermediate level for adults who want to learn the basic skills and learn new technique, focusing on safety and trying to get more confident in their climbing abilities. Students will be introduced to basic climbing, bouldering, and belaying techniques. Climbers will also learn climbing terminology and the use of gear. There is a strong focus on safety rules and the mastery of two basic and very important knots. Students will build upper body strength and increase coordination as they are encouraged to climb to the top of the wall.

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Climbing Gym Staff Certification

CGSC was created to ensure adequate staff training on man-made climbing structures. This certification helps to identify those who have adequate skills necessary to work on or in a climbing program developed by a climbing gym manager.

This is an 6 hour course covering:

·         Belaying and basic climbing skills

·         Safety and injury prevention

·         Operating a verity of climbing elements

·          You must pass a skills based belay test at the end of the course. (You may retake the test at a later date if at first you don’t pass)

*Every climbing gym should have every one demonstrate belay skills upon entry no matter what level of certification.

Upon completion individuals will have a firm understanding of the skills necessary to work on man-made climbing structures and will have passed a skills based belay test.


 Climbing Gym Manager Certification

CGMC was created to meet the demand for an all-inclusive ropes course and climbing gym certification. This program was developed for climbing mangers of schools, community centers, climbing gyms, ropes course and other man made climbing structures.

This is a 30 hour course covering:

·         Creating climbing programs

·         Staff training and development

·         Developing safety procedures and injury prevention

·         Equipment operation and management

Upon completion individuals will have a firm understanding of managing climbing structures and developing safe procedures.


·         Current Climbing Gym Staff Certification (CFSC)

·         A minimum of 90 days working or volunteering in a climbing gym or ropes course environment.

·         Current CPR and First Aid

CGSC - Next Class 3/28/14
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Winter Registration

Form 2014


Jan 5th to Apr 5th

# of classes 12

No classes 2/18th - 22nd

Age 18+


Arial Silks, Rock Climbing & Trapeze:

Drop in - We do need a 24 hour notice and a minimum of 2.  

Price - $35 or $300 for 10. If you buy a set of 10 you can use it for any Aerial class up to April 5th.