Laser Tag At Your Location

Our laser tag units are the most advanced units on the market. They have no wires or silly vests that you need and are fully contained in the unit. They have realistic sound effects, vibration, led health bars and fully customized weapon choices. 

Laser Tag Game Options: 

Laser Tag  

This option is for up to groups of 10 for 90 minutes. You will have a blast playing your friends at your indoor or outdoor location. 

  • Best for ages 6 to 10
  • 90 minutes of game play at your location
  • up to 10 at a time $15 per person after that
  • Minimum of 2 staff to help and entertain
  • $299 for up to a 40 mile radius from Boston .50 cents a mile after that

Laser Tag Live Action Scenario Game

This is something out of this world! Imagine you have always wanted to be in a video game or movies. Think of how cool it would be to rally your friends and take on foes in real life. In this option the game manager will visit you and your location days before your event. They will meet with you and go over the details of your event and the area we can use. After meeting we will create a bunch of different scenarios like you would find in video games or the movies. You and your friends work together to accomplish different tasks and mission objectives. Just like video games your weapons upgrade as you play along with being able to pick specialties like, medics, snipers, heavy weapon, and much more. This is as realistic as you can get to being in a real video game.

  • Best for ages 8 to  adults (This is not a little kids option and the guns can be complex)
  • 4 hours of game play at your location / $100 per extra hour after that
  • up to 10 at a time $20 per person after that
  • Meet with the game manager at your location in advance to design your costume scenario event
  • Minimum of 4 staff - The staff are professionals that play as the apposing force, player support and game developers
  • $899 for up to a 40 mile radius from Boston .50 cents a mile after that


Please Email Us At: for details and scheduling!