Ninja Warrior


Beginner 1 Ninja Warrior - Ages 6 - 10yrs - This course will include equipment & basic skills for challenges around the gym. The training will be fun but also physically demanding.

Beginner 2 Ninja Warrior - Ages 8- 12yrs - This course is for those that have already used the equipment and learned its operation. The training will be more intense than the 1st level.

Kids Ninja Warrior Training - Ages 6 - 12

Kids Ninja Warrior training is a fun fitness class that incorporates two types of training.  The first training type is training on agility, obstacles and balance. The second training type you will be training on rock climbing, upper body strength and high obstacle training.  This is one of a kind program that will train you in multiple ways. The course is a fun workout that kids will love to do and the skills they learn can be applied to a verity of other activities.

This is a very fun class that in non competitive where we make exercising fun for all ages!

Class Info & Plans

  • No Cancellation Fees!

  • We prorate so you only pay for the classes you use!

  • Payments are monthly auto reoccurring from check out date!

  • 1 hour classes other than club which is 2 hours

Payment Plans

  • 1 Class a week - $100 a month

  • 70% Off All Other Classes

If you don't see a day and time that work for your check the class options to the right! If you need us to create a class for your and your friends just let us know by emailing!!!