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Rock On Adventure Programs / Classes: 

(Held In Rock On Adventure Climbing Gym)

Preschool CLasses

Climbing Classes

Parkour CLasses

Ninja Warrior CLasses

Class Payment Information:

  • Classes are auto reoccurring payments month to month and you can cancel any time.

  • Auto reoccurring plans are for 1 class credit a week You can use those credits for any same named class during the week.

  • You can take multiple classes a week to make up any missed classes.

Rock On Adventure Prices:

  • Preschool Classes: $70 a month

  • Ninja Warrior Classes: $100 a month

  • Rock Climbing Classes (Not Club): $100 a month

  • Rock Climbing Club: $140 (2 hour class) a month

  • Parkour Classes $120 a month

  • 70% Off All Other Classes!

Revolt Programs / Classes: 

(Held In Revolt Parkour Gym)

  • Preschool through Teens

  • Parkour, Aerial Silks & Free Running Classes

Ninja Warrior Classes