Gym Rules

1. Kids 13 years of age and under must be supervised by an adult 18 years and up unless they are in a class, event or camps.

2. when first visiting the gym everyone must take a safety lesson before using the equipment. Follow all safety lesson instructions including using the equipment in the way they were intended and designed to be used. 

3. There is no free climbing without a belay on above 8 feet.

4. Parents and Adults are responsible for supervision of kids entering the gym using memberships or any type of passes. (We have other programs you may sign up for if you wish to have hands free experience or drop off kids.

5. Please behave appropriately, be safe, think before you act, help others and always ask a staff person if you feel something is wrong. 

6. Please know your body limits.

7. Do not try to get or pull down an autobelay that has ascended up to the ceiling. Ask a staff person to get it for you.

Thank You

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