“Drama Rocks! ”

Theater Classes at Rock On Adventures

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From all our drama and acting programs we hope to expose what already exists in these little stars! Our teachers will focus on bringing out the natural talent that the children already have. Working with each different program the children will learn how to rise and shine like little stars, gaining the confidence they need to stand on stage and be absolutely brilliant!!

  • Listening and Communication
  • Self-confidence

Daytime Drama - Ages 4-5 – hour class

A playful introduction to drama. Kids will exercise their imaginations and begin to explore different ways to express characters and emotions using movement and voices. Special focus on listening skills and cooperation.

Curtain Up - 1 hour classes - Ages 6-9.

Students learn the basics of theater in a fun, supportive environment, using group improvisations, short skits, and drama games. Special focus on building confidence and discovering a range of movement and vocal expression. *

Rising Stars - 1 hour classes - Ages 9-11

Young actors will practice the skills needed to effectively communicate on the stage using their bodies, voices, and imaginations. Through fun improvisation exercises and short scripted scenes, actors of all levels are encouraged to take chances and try new ideas in a supportive environment.

Acting Academy - 1 hours classes - Ages 12-14

Through a combination of improvisation and scene study, middle-school actors will develop the skills needed to effectively communicate on the stage: vocal projection, stage movement, sense memory and authentic reactions. Actors may also choose specialties such as monologues, dialects or stage combat.

Students will improve and learn:

  • Executive Function skills;
  • Flexible thinking, working memory,
  • Inhibition, decision-making,
  • Social and emotional awareness