Rock On Adventure & Coding Butterfly Open House

Open House Oct26.png

Rock On Adventure & Coding Butterfly are exploring the possibility of offering technology classes for kids and building out a technology center. If you cant make the open house please let us know if your interested anyways!

 Creative Electronics

The first step in this plan is Creative Electronics, which will provide the kids with exposure to learn skills such as basic coding with the help of fun electronic tools in addition to 3D modeling and 3D printing.

This will prepare them for the next steps in the Growth Plan, which will take their learning a step further with amazing activities like robotics, digital arts and advanced programming using computer languages like Python. They will also move on to working with the latest upcoming technologies such as the Internet of Things and Machine Learning to help them become creators by letting their imagination run wild! Our program aims to bring the best out of your kids while preparing them for jobs that do not exist yet



Kids are surrounded by technology and computers are central to most aspects of our lives. Kids who learn the basics of programming can become better architects of their future world. Kids relish the challenge to become active participants instead of passive consumers. In addition, the computational thinking (analytical, logical) skills that underlie coding will be required for future knowledge workers to continuously adapt to our increasing data-filled world. There is growing recognition that computer literacy is essential for a 21st-century workforce.