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Pre Rock Climbing - Ages 4 – 6, 1 hour duration

This class is a climbing and multi sports class. For the first half hour the kids will be engaged in skills and activities designed to help their body coordination in sports. The other half of the class will be a rock climbing program, using games and adventure activities.  Students will be become familiar with gear and "lingo" along with the very basic techniques of climbing and bouldering. 

Kids will learn:

·         Different climbing hand holds

·         How to static climb

·         Body positioning in relation to the wall

·          Strength and endurance

Rock Climbing - Ages 6 – Teen

A rock climbing class, structured beginner to intermediate level for those who want to learn the basic skills and new techniques, focusing on safety and trying to get more confident with themselves.

Students will be introduced to basic climbing, bouldering, and belaying techniques. They will also learn climbing terminology and the use of gear. A strong focus on safety rules and the mastery of two basic and very important knots. Students will build upper body strength and increase coordination as they are encouraged to climb to the peak of the rock wall.

Kids will learn:

  • How to static climb
  • Body positioning in relation to the wall
  • Balance and coordination in movement
  • They will gain Strength and endurance