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Kids Ninja Warrior Training - Ages 7 - 12

Kids Ninja Warrior training runs twice a week and incorporates two types of training. On Tuesdays you will be training in 5thdemension and working on agility, obstacle training and balance. On Thursdays you will be training in Rock On Adventure on rock climbing, upper body strength and high obstacle training.  This is one of a kind program that will train you in multiple ways.


Rock Climbing - Ages 6 – Teen


A rock climbing class, structured beginner to intermediate level for those who want to learn the basic skills and new techniques, focusing on safety and trying to get more confident with themselves.

Students will be introduced to basic climbing, bouldering, and belaying techniques. They will also learn climbing terminology and the use of gear. A strong focus on safety rules and the mastery of two basic and very important knots. Students will build upper body strength and increase coordination as they are encouraged to climb to the peak of the rock wall.

Kids will learn:

  • How to static climb
  • Body positioning in relation to the wall
  • Balance and coordination in movement
  • They will gain Strength and endurance


Rock Climbing - Team 8yrs +


An advanced group of  students who want to practice more advanced climbs skills along with the added competition of the sport.  Classes are twice a week and competitions are on the weekends. The climbing team will hold one practice at Rock On Adventure on Mondays and Thursdays they will be heading to Central Rock Gym. This is great opertunity if your looking for something fun and exsiting to do!


Students will improve and learn:

  • Ascending and Repelling
  • How to self belay with a grigri
  • How to perform a climbing wall rescue

Pre Kids Ninja Warrior - Ages 3 to 5yrs

This class is a fun adventure program where kids will learn the basics on Rock Climbing along with tumbling, bouldering and gymnastics skills. Children will strengthen not only their bodies but their minds as well. We use fun games and activities for all levels to allow them to challenge themselves at their own pace. The kids will also be using our new preschool ninja warrior course during classes.

Kids will practice:

  • Communication
  • Basic climbing skills
  • They will gain Strength and endurance

Pre Rock Climbing - Ages 3 – 5yrs

This class is a pure rock climbing class for those kids that love climbing and can focus on tasks. This  rock climbing class also uses games and adventure activities.  Students will be become familiar with gear and "lingo" along with the very basic techniques of climbing and bouldering. 


Kids will learn:

  • Different climbing hand holds
  • How to static climb
  • Body positioning in relation to the wall
  • Strength and endurance